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Celebrex Generic – Use it for Serious Pains

When it comes to pain medications, nothing proves to be better in relieving serious and excruciating pains than the drug called Celebrex.  These days, there are always two classes of the same type of drug – branded and generic.  This is actually the difficult but also not-so difficult choice a buyer has to make when buying treatment drugs, medications, and remedies.

Branded medications like Celebrex will always have the same potency they promise.  The problem with branded meds for some people is that they can be quite costly, especially if they need to use the drug on a regular basis such as that for pain relief on chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.  Arthritis pain treatment relief using Generic medicines like celecoxib is very effective  as they are made with the same ingredients as that of their branded counterpart, which the case for the generic celecoxib is the branded pain medication drug, Celebrex.  The advantage of using generic medications is that they cost significantly less than the branded ones but promises the same overall effect.

In the past, generic drugs were perceived as inferior and not having the same treatment effect and potency as that of branded ones.  This stigma has been carried by generic named drugs up until now due to the selfish act of other generic manufacturers wherein they lowered active ingredient levels and cut cost on where they can in order to increase their profit.  This selfish interest in profit had negative effect with which the negative effect snowballed to other legit and honest generic medicine makers.  These days though it is quite different as generic medicines are making a comeback. Continue reading