KHU Premier League 2011 (Men)

1(C)Kenya Police119204210+3226
2Strathmore Gladiators11920327+2526
3Kisumu Simba 116232417+720
4Green Sharks116052016+418
5Nairobi Simba115242419+517
8Western Jaguars114161624-813
9Karate Axiom103161221-910
10Wazalendo HC112361220-89
11Mvita Sports Club10217831-237
12Parkroad HC1101101031-211


KHU National Womens League 2011

1(C)Orange Telkom111100674+6333
2Strathmore Univ. Scorpions118213613+2322
4Mombasa Sports113351916+311
6Virgin Vikings102261015-59
7Daystar Univ.90090103-1030


KHU National Mens League 2011

1(C)Kenya Navy1210115417+3731
2Mombasa Sports Club108113012+1825
3Nakuru Athletic127323310+2324
4Parklands Sports Club 127144522+2322
6Multi-media Univ127051815+321
8Kimathi Univ.105142617+916
7Mombasa Institute104242812+1614
10Kenya Polytechnic124173225+713
11Daystar Univ112091647-316
12Nairobi Gymkhana101091067-573
13National Youth Service100010253-510

5 Responses to

  1. Carter says:

    Just asking for clarifications, did Kenya Navy Vs NYS match on 8th kick off? If it did then they so far have played 3 games: A 2-2 draw against MSC, 2-1 Win over MI

  2. admin says:

    Kenya navy has played 3 matches, won 2 and drawn one: 28th May (Kenya Navy Vs MI: 2-1), 8th May (Kenya Navy Vs NYS: 7-1), 30th April (Kenya Navy Vs MSC:2-2). Check here for more:

  3. Carter says:

    Thanks for the response only wish it would also reflect in the Standings as shown above. Thanks

  4. says:

    Hi Admin,
    Carter is pointing out on the 3rd Match that Navy has played, its not updated on the fixture. Once updated there will be 5 teams on 7points and only goal differences separate each one of them.
    I understand the overwhelming requests and workload but people have started depending on your updates.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Rain CH3CK

  5. admin says:

    Hello Carter / Rain Check. The fixtures have now been updated.

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