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Great kenya hockey weekend ahead: Fixtures for 25th – 26th August 2012

Nairobi, August 24… Great hockey weekend ahead, as premier league regulars travel down to mombasa for a double header against Mombasa Sports Club and Mvita XI on Saturday and Sunday respectively. In Nairobi, mens national league sides Gymkhana and Parklands face off on Saturday 25th at 4 pm at the City Park stadium.

Last years women hockey runners up host Mombasa Sports club (MSC) at the same venue at 2:00 pm. Sunday morning sees Multi-Media university host MSC at 10:00am. Multimedia are looking to get their second goal in as many seasons after getting a goal last weekend.

Enjoy the games!

Saturday 25th August 2012
Premier League Men:MSC Vs Greensharks 3.00 P.M MSC
National League Men: Parklands Vs Gymkhana 4.00 P.M City Park
National League Women :Strathmore Vs MSC 2.00 P.M City Park

Sunday 26th August 2012
Premier League Men: Mvita Vs Greensharks 10.00 A.M MSA
National League Men: Wazalendo Youth Vs Thika Rovers 11.00 P.M City Park, Parkroad Vs UoN 1.00 P.M City Park
National League Women: Multimedia Vs MSC 9.00 A.M City Park

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