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Umpires Tony and Peter during a past match



The Kenya Hockey Union has officially released part of the fixtures for the 2012 season which were emailed to the team managers and coaches. The fixtures released are for all the leagues i.e. Men’s Premier, National Men and Women and it’s for the duration starting the weekend of 31st March to 15th of April. There are 12 teams in the Men’s Premier league with the inclusion of the newly promoted Mombasa Sports Club; the National Men’s has 15 teams with new entrants being Thika Rovers, Kenyatta University, Wazalendo Youth and Parkroad who were relegated from the Premier league. In the National women’s league, Kenyatta University is back in the fold. From the fixtures, the Union has scheduled some matches on Saturdays that will be played under flood lights.


The leagues will still be played on a one-leg format since the Union hasn’t communicated anything stating otherwise.



1.  Strathmore University 1.  Mombasa Institute 1. Telkom Orange
2.  Kenya Police 2.  Kimathi University 2. USIU-A
3.  Nairobi Simba 3.  Parkroad 3. Sliders
4.  Greensharks 4.  University Of Nairobi 4. Vikings
5.  KCAU 5.  Parklands 5. Strathmore
6.  Wazalendo 6.  Kenya Polytechnic 6. Mombasa Sports
7.  Mvita  XI 7.  JKUAT 7. Multimedia Uni
8.  Kisumu Simba 8.  Nakuru Athletics 8. Kenyatta  Uni
9. USIU-A 9.  Daystar University                                     9. Blue Eaglets
10. Western Jagurars 10.Multi-Media  
11. Karate Axiom 11. National Youth Service 
12.Mombasa Sports Club 12. Kenyatta University
  13. Nrb Gymkhana
14. Thika Rovers
15. Wazalendo Youth



Saturday 31st  March 2012

1. National Women Orange Vs Vikings 2.00 P.M City Park  1-0
2. National Men Nairobi Gymkhana Vs  Multimedia 4.00 P.M City Park  2-0
3. Premier Men Kenya Police Vs Wazalendo 6.00 P.M City Park  0-1
4.   Premier  Men Kisumu Simba   Vs    Western Jaguars 3.00 P.M Ksm         3-1


Sunday 01st April 2012

5.National Women Blue Eaglets  Vs   Sliders 10.00 A.M City Park  0-1
6.National Men University of Nairobi Vs Daystar 12.00 P.M City Park  3-2
7.Premier Men Nairobi Simba  Vs  Greensharks  2.00 P.M City Park  4-0
8. Premier Men Wazalendo   Vs  Karate Axiom    4.00 P.M City Park  1-0
9. Premier Men MSC Vs Mvita XI    10.00 A.M MSC         2-1


Friday 6th April  2012

10.National Women USIU –A Vs Strathmore 10.00 A.M City Park  0-1
11.National Men Kenya Polytechnic Vs Parklands 12.00 P.M City Park  2-2
12.National Men Nairobi Gymkhana Vs Thika Rovers   2.00 P.M City Park  1-0
13. Premier Men USIU-A    Vs   Greensharks   4.00 P.M City Park  0-0


Saturday 07th April 2012

14. National Women Sliders Vs Vikings 2.00 P.M City Park  0-1
15. National Men Parkroad Vs Wazalendo youth 6.00 P.M City Park  3-0
16. Premier Men Wazalendo Vs Strathmore 4.00 P.M City Park  1-2


Sunday 08 April  2012

17.National Women Orange Vs USIU –A 10.00 A.M City Park  4-2
18.National Men Daystar Vs Thika Rovers  12.00 P.M City Park  0-1
19.Premier Men Kenya Police Vs Nairobi Simba   4.00 P.M City Park  2-3
20. Premier Men USIU -A Vs KCAU    2.00 P.M City Park  1-2




Monday 9th  April  2012

21. National Women Blue Eaglets Vs Strathmore 10.00 P.M City Park  3-3
22. National Men Nairobi Gymkhana  Vs Kenya polytechnic 12.00 P.M City Park  1-1
23. Premier Men KCAU  Vs  Strathmore   2.00 P.M City Park  1-4
24 Premier Men Karate Axiom Vs Greensharks   4.00 P.M City Park  0-1


Saturday  14th April 2012

25.National Women Strathmore Vs Vikings 10.00 A.M City Park   0-0
26.National Men Multimedia  Vs  Daystar  12.00 P.M City Park   3-1
27.Premier Men Karate Axiom Vs MSC    4.00 P.M City Park   2-1


Sunday 15th April  2012

28.National Women Orange Vs Blue Eaglets 10.00 A.M City Park   6-2
29.Premier Men Nairobi Simba Vs MSC 12.00 A.M City Park   5-0
30.National Men Parklands Vs Parkroad   2..00 P.M City Park   1-0
31.Premier Men  Kenya Police Vs KCAU **Rained off after 10mins.Played on 21.04.2012   4.00 P.M City Park   3-1

Second phase of fixtures released by KHU on 24th April,2012

Saturday  28th April 2012

32.National Men Kenya Poly Vs Park Road 2.00 P.M City Park
33.National Women  Sliders Vs Strathmore 4.00 PM City Park
34.Premier Men Karate Axiom Vs Strathmore 6.00 P.M City Park


Sunday 29th April  2012

35.National Women Blue Eaglets Vs Multimedia  10.00 A.M City Park
36. National Men Wazalendo Youth Vs UON 12.00 P.M City Park
37. National Men Multimedia Vs Thika Rovers   2.00 P. M City Park
38. Premier Men Karate Axiom Vs KCAU   4.00 P.M City Park


Saturday  5th May 2012

39.National Women Kenyatta Vs Multimedia    2.00 P.M City Park
40.National Men Kenyatta Vs NYS    4.00 P.M City Park
41.Premier Men Green Sharks Vs Wazalendo    6.00 P.M City Park


Sunday 6th May 2012

42.National Women Orange Vs Sliders 10.00 A.M City Park
43.National Men UON Vs Thika Rovers 12.00 P.M City Park
44.National Men Parklands Vs MKU 12.00 P.M City Park
45.Premier Men NBI Simba Vs Strathmore   4.00 P.M City Park


Invitation to FIH Level 2 Field Hockey Coaching Course in Qatar-Doha


FIH Level 2 Field Hockey Coaching Course will be held in Qatar-Doha from 26th – 29th March 2012.

Registration fees: $300 (Approx Khs. 25,500), inclusive of 5 days accomodation at hotel plus breakfast

At the end of the course, participants will be awarded FIH-AHF passing Course Certificates or FIH-AHF attending Course Certificates.

Registration should be before 10th March 2012. The Qatar Hockey Foundation will be responsible for getting you an Entry VISA.

Download the application form () and send it together with a photo of you and your passport to the email address: or

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March 13, 2012..Arch rivals, Lenana School and Nairobi School played to a barren draw in a hotly contested Nairobi secondary schools boys’ hockey league match.

The results mean that Lenana now top the 8 team league on 13 points followed by Nairobi School sith 13 points but a lower  goal aggregate.

Moi Forces Academy is position 3 while suprise package Upperhill School is in position 4.

results: Nairobi School vs Jamhuri (1-0), Offafa Jericho vs Hilcrest (1-0), Hillcrest vs Upperhill (3-1).

source: The Standard


March 13, 2012… Kenyatta University (KU) emerged champions during the first Kenya Universities Sports Association (KUSA) national universities championship for women 2012.

The event staged at the University of Nairobi grounds on the weekend of 10th – 11th March, in celebration of the International Womens Day, saw KU bag 25 golds, 15 silver and seven bronze medals. Egerton University and Moi West Campus emerged 2nd and 3rd respectively.

KU won in 10 out of a possible 15 disciplines. A total of 19 universities were represented at the games.

Source: Rebecca Gichana – The Standard

Nairobi, Friday March 02, 2012…The inaugural Greensharks Patron Memorial Tournament was held at Barclays sports Club, Thika Road on the weekend of February 18th and 19th 2012 with Strathmore University Scorpions and Wazalendo emerging winners in the ladies and men’s competitions respectively.

The event attracted 21 teams. Wazalendo defeated former premier league champions Strathmore University Gladiators (Team A) 1 – 0 in the finals. Strathmore “A” had defeated their team mates Strathmore ‘B” in the semi-final match by the same margin while Wazalendo had sent Mombasa Sports Club packing by 1 – 0 in the other semi-final.

The womens final saw Strathmore University Scorpions defeat Sliders by 1 – 0. The Orange ladies hockey team did not participate in the tournament.

The Greensharks Patrons Memorial Tournament is held in memory of the clubs patron David Olalo, who died in December 2011 after a tragic road accident along Mombasa Road.