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It is a 1-leg league format for 2012 kenya hockey season!

February 18, 2012…The 2012 season of the Kenya Hockey Union leagues will be on a one-leg format. A dispatch from KHU’s Secretary General, Vivien  confirms that the league format will be the same as the two preceding seasons.

A meeting held between clubs officials and the union () in January had requested the Union to restore the 2-leg KHU league format, but the board of the union analyzed the request and resolved that the 2-leg format would be expensive to the Kenya Hockey Union and the participating teams.

The KHU board argues that a 2-leg format would mean that up country teams will be required to make more trips (to Nairobi) to honor their fixtures yet already, the response from teams in terms of registration/league entry (for the 2012 league season) is poor -  indicating that teams are undergoing financial difficulties.

In addition, the union will be preparing the national teams for various international champiohships including the Junior African Cup U-21 for Men/Women in South Africa in Nov – Dec 2012, the Africa Club Cup Championship (ACCC) in Zimbabwe in Nov – Dec 2012 and the African Cup for Nations in Egypt in September 2013.

“However the board will ensure that there will be a lot of hockey activity taking place in the form of festivals and tournaments round the country, and throughout the year as this will guarantee the much needed exposure and experience required by clubs and players.” said Vivien Agunda, the KHU Secretary General.

Kenyan clubs participating in the continental championships had complained that the one-leg format was not giving them sufficient playing time. The coaches also indicated that the one leg format restricted them to just 10 (or less) matches per season, therefore they could not afford to vary their teams for risk of losing a match – resulting in very few players getting playing time.

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