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All set for KHU Coaching seminar in Nairobi


January 4, 2012…The KHU Coaching and Development Committee Convener has sent out invitation letters to all clubs to send representatives to the 2012 coaching seminar.

The seminar to be held at City Park Hockey Stadium,  Nairobi from the 6th – 8th of January 2012 will provide participants with the basic hockey coaching qualifications recognized world wide by the FIH.

Sources say that the seminar is set to begin at 2:00 pm on Friday 6th January and continue at 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.

To underline the importance of the seminar, the KHU has decided that no unlicensed coach will be allowed to partake coaching duties with any Club or School with effect from 1st January 2012. Participants will be  provided with coaching licenses after the seminar.

A similar training was scheduled to be held in Mombasa during the SANA TOURNAMENT on the 21st to 23rd October 2011 (Read: 2011 Coaching Seminar in Mombasa by the Kenya Hockey Union) but was called off after the convener failed to secure a flight to Kenya in time.

Participants are requested to fill in this form () and return to KHU Match and Fixtures Secretary. The charges for this course is Ksh 2,500/= to be paid to the KHU with participants required to bring playing kits including hockey sticks as there will be practical sessions which will be evaluated by the Coaching and Development Committee members.

In other news, the hockey transfer window is drawing to a close with no major official transfer news making the headlines. Clubs have until the 15th of January to confirm transfers.

One Response to All set for KHU Coaching seminar in Nairobi

  1. meshack senge says:

    The new year has just kicked in and for hockey, it has checked in with a step in the right direction, small as it may seem, it is a bold and much needed initiative.Its time to shed off the bad habit of anybody who has ever held a hockey stick claiming to be able to handle the technical side of the game.This is where we started going wrong, and the product is players with a lot of skill but less technical know how in the game of hockey. skill must compliment the technical bit of the game and vice versa, neither must not be allowed to work in isolation.Any body who loves this game and want to take it to the next level must embrace this initiative and be there from the 6th to the 8th of Jan at city park and help make a difference.For those who will take up the challenge, use the knowledge acquired to better your teams, let it not be personal information.change must start with you.

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