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New penalty corner / short corner rule

The FHI has release a new rule to govern the taking of penalty corners during hockey matches.

The rule has been in use in several FIH affiliate countries and will now be applicable to all hockey matches (tournaments and leagues) of the Kenya Hockey Union effective 21st May 2011.

Below is the rule as sent to the press:


1.(b)  Breaking at penalty corner

  1. Until the ball has been played, no attacker other than the one taking the push or hit from the back-line is permitted to enter the circle and no defender is permitted to cross the centre-line or back-line.
  2. For any offence of this rule by the a defender, the offending player(s) shall be required to go beyond the centre-line and cannot be replaced by another defender.
  3. For an offence of this rule by an attacker who enters the circle before the ball is played, the offending player(s) shall be required to go beyond the centre line.
  4. The player who pushed or hits the ball from the back-line must not feint at playing the ball.
  5. For an offence of this rule the offending player shall be replaced by another attacker.

4 Responses to New penalty corner / short corner rule

  1. ayub says:

    is this all?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, that is the rule as it is on the rule book.

  3. mumo says:

    This is a superb rule and its fair to all. My desire is that the officiating group will make use of it fairly without any bias

  4. Wilson Elishama says:

    A good rule only if the umpires have good judgement non partisan.This is an acid test for umpires. We shall be watching. As coaches, we pick it up immediately.

    Hockey Coach Butere Girls’ High School.

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