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KHU 2011 League Fixtures (Complete)


City park, Nairobi at night

The Kenya Hockey Union has released the complete 2011 league fixtures, along with the names of the registered teams. The teams are divided into the three respective leagues: National Men, National Women, and Premier league men.

The two mens leagues feature 12 teams while the national womens league features 7 teams, inlcuding new entrant Daystar University ladies team. The mens national league has two new teams: Daystar University Men and Multimedia University.

The league still features a one-leg format, spread over the entire 2011 year. What raises eyebrows however is the fact that the one-leg format was meant to provide ample time for the national team to train and play friendlies, yet the time slots for the teams training sessions remain relatively same as was the previous year.

It is however commendable that the union has released a complete seasons schedule.

1.  Strathmore University 1. Mombasa Institute 1. Telkom Orange
2.  Kenya Police 2. Kimathi University 2. USIU-A
3.  Nairobi Simba 3. Mombasa Sports Club 3. Sliders
4.  Greensharks 4. University Of Nairobi 4.  Vikings
5.  KCAU 5. Parklands 5. Strathmore
6.  Wazalendo 6. Kenya Polytechnic 6.  Mombasa Sports Club
7.  Mvita  XI 7. JKUAT 7.  Daystar University
8.  Kisumu Simba 8. Nakuru Athletics
9.  Parkroad 9. Daystar University
10. USIU-A 10.Multi-Media
11. Western Jagurars 11.National Youth Service
12. Karate Axiom 12.Kenya Navy
13.Nairobi Gymkhana

Saturday 5th March 2011

1. National Men Kimathi Uni Vs Kenya Polytechnic [3 - 0] 2.00 P.M City Park
2. Premier Men Strarhmore Vs Karate [4 - 0] 4.00 P.M City Park

Sunday 6th March 2011

3.National Women USIU-A Vs Strathmore [1 - 2] 12.00 P.M City Park
4.National Men UON  Vs JKUAT [0 - 2] 2.00 P.M City Park
5.Premier Men Nrb Simba Vs Parkroad [8 - 2] 4.00 P.M City Park

Saturday 12th March 2011

6. National Women Sliders Vs Vikings [2 - 0] 2.00 P.M City Park
7. Premier Men Greensharks  Vs Wazalendo [1 - 0] 4.00 P.M City Park

Sunday 13th March 2011

8. National Men Parklands Vs Daystar [8 - 0 ] 12.00 P.M City Park
9. National Women Orange Vs Daystar Uni [22 - 0] 2.00 P.M City park
10. Premier Men Kenya Police Vs USIU-A [1 - 0] 4.00 P.M City Park

Saturday 19th March 2011

11.Premier Men KCAU  Vs. Parkroad [2 - 0] 2.00 P.M City Park
12.National Men Parklands Vs Nakuru [1 - 1] 4.00 P.M City Park

Sunday 20th March 2011

13.National Men Multi Media Vs Nakuru [0 - 3 ] 12.00 P.M City Park
14.Premier Men Greensharks Vs USIU-A [3 - 2] 2.00 P.M City Park
15.Premier Men Nrb Simba Vs Wazalendo [1 - 0] 4.00 P.M City Park

Saturday 26th March 2011

NATIONAL TEAM TRAINING                              2.30 P.M          CITY PARK

SUNDAY 27th March 2011

NATIONAL TEAM TRAINING                               9.00 A.M        CITY PARK

Saturday 2nd April 2011

16.National Men Daystar Uni Vs Multimedia [0 - 1] 2.00 P.M City Park
17.Premier Men Kenya Police Vs Karate [6 - 1] 4.00 P.M City Park
18.Premier Men Kisumu Simba Vs Western Jaguars [ - ] **rained off moved to 30th April 3.00 P.M Kakamega

Sunday 3rd April 2011

19.National Men NYS  Vs UON [0 - 8] 10.00 A.M City park
20.National Women USIU –A  Vs  Vikings [1 - 0] 12.00 P.M City Park
21.Premier Men Strathmore Vs KCAU [3 - 3] 4.00 P.M City Park

Saturday 9th April 2011

22.National Women Orange Vs Sliders [4 - 0 ] 2.00 P.M City park
23.Premier Men Nrb Simba Vs Greensharks [ 0 - 3 ] 4.00 P.M City Park
24.National Women Mombasa Sports Vs Strathmore [ 0 - 4] 2.30 P.M. MSC
25. Premier Men Mvita Vs Strathmore [ 0 - 4 ] 4.00 P.M MSA

Sunday 10th April 2011

26.National Men Daystar Uni Vs Kenya Polytechnic [0  - 7 ] 10.00 A.M City Park
27.National Men NYS  Vs Multimedia [ 0 - 1 ] 12.00 P.M City park
28.Premier Men Parkroad Vs Karate [1 - 2 ] 2.00 P.M City Park
29.Premier Men KCAU  Vs  Wazalendo [1 - 1 ] 4.00 P.M City Park

Saturday 16th _ 25th April 2011

Women: Orange

Saturday 30th April 2011

30.National men MSA Inst. Vs Kenya Polytechnic 2.00P.M [4 - 0 ] City Park
31.National Men UON Vs Nakuru 4.00P.M [0 - 1 ] City Park
32.National Men Kenya Navy Vs MSC 4.00 P.M [ 2 - 2 ] MSC
18.Premier Men Kisumu Simba Vs Western Jaguars [ - ] 3.00 P.M [2 - 1 ] Kakamega

Sunday  1st May 2011

33.National men Msa Inst Vs Nakuru 10.00 A.M [1 - 1] City Park
34.National Women Orange Vs Vikings 12.00 P.M [2 - 0] City Park
35.Premier men Wazalendo Vs parkroad 2.00 A.M   [1 - 1 ] City park

Monday 2nd May 2011

36.Premier Men KCAU Vs Nrb Simba 12.00P.M   [4 - 3 ] City Park
37.Premier Men Kenya Police Vs Strathmore 2.00 P.M     [1 - 1 ] City Park

Saturday  7th May 2011

38. National Men UON  Vs  Parklands 2.00 P.M [2 - 1] City Park
39. Premier Men Kenya Police Vs Greenshaks 4.00 P.M [5 - 2] City Park
40. Premier men Nrb Simba Vs Western Jaguars 3.00 P.M [1 - 0] Kakamega

Sunday 8th May 2011

41. National Men Kenya Navy Vs NYS 10.00 A.M [7 - 1] City Park
42. Premier Men Karate Vs KCAU 12.00 P.M  [2 - 0] City Park
43. National Men Kenya Polytechnic Vs Multimedia 2.00 P.M    [0 - 1] City Park
44. Premier Men Strathmore Vs Wazalendo 4.00 P.M    [ 2 - 1] City Park
45. Premier Men Kisumu Simba Vs Nrb Simba *postponed 4.00 P.M KSM

SATURDAY 14th May 2011


SUNDAY 15th May 2011


Saturday 21st May 2011

46. National Women Sliders Vs Strathmore 2.00 P.M   [0 - 3] City Park
47.Premier Men Karate Vs Kisumu Simba 4.00 P.M   [0 - 2] City park
48. Premier Men Mvita Vs Kenya Police 4.00 P.M   [1 - 1] MSA

Sunday 22nd May 2011

49. Premier Men Strathmore Vs Kisumu Simba 10.00 A.M   [4 - 0] City Park
50. National Women Orange Vs USIU-A 12.00 P.M   [1 - 0] City Park
51. National Men JKUAT  Vs Multimedia 2.00 P.M.    [2 - 1] City Park
52. Premier Men Greensharks Vs Parkroad 4.00 P.M     [2 - 1] City Park

Saturday 28th May 2011

53. National Women USIU-A Vs Daystar 2.00 P.M [18-0]** City Park
54.Premier Men USIU-A Vs KCAU 4.00 P.M    [0-0] City park
55.National men Kenya Navy Vs MI 4.00 P.M    [2-1] MI

Sunday 29th May 2011

FRIENDSHIP TOURNAMENT                                                                                       CITY PARK
(20 teams were in attendance including under 14 sides. Premier Academy were the victors in the u-14 category whereas Nairobi Simba B were the winners of the tourney after beating Nairobi Simba A 5-4(penalty flicks)

Saturday 4th June 2011

56.National Women Sliders  Vs  Mombasa Sports 2.00 P.M [0-1] City Park
57.Premier Men Mvita Vs Greensharks 4.00 P.M [0-5] City Park
58.Premier Men USIU-A Vs Western Jaguars 3.00 P.M [0-1] Kakamega

Sunday 5th June 2011

59. National Women Daystar Uni  Vs  Mombasa Sports *postponed City Park
60. Premier Men Wazalendo Vs Mvita 12.00 P.M [3-0] City Park
61. National Men Kimathi University Vs JKUAT 2.00 P.M [1-1] City Park
62. Premier Men Strathmore Vs Parkroad 4.00 P.M [1-0] City Park
63. Premier Men USIU-A Vs Kisumu Simba 10.00 A.M [3-1] Kisumu

Saturday 11th June 2011

64.National Women Vikings Vs Strathmore 2.00 P.M [1-1] City Park
65.Premier men Strathmore Vs Greensharks 4.00 pm [5-0] City park
66. National Men MSC  Vs  MI 4.00 P.M [2-0] MSC

Sunday 12th June 2011

67. National Men NYS  Vs Daystar Uni 10.00 A.M [0-6] City park
68. National women USIU-A  Vs Orange 12.00 A.M [0-4] City park
69. Premier Men USIU-A Vs karate 2.00 P.M [3-1] City Park
70. National Men Gynkhana Vs Kimathi University 4.00 P.M [0-3]** City park
71. National Men JKUAT Vs Nakuru 12.00 P.M [0-3] Nakuru



Sunday 19th JUNE 2011


Saturday 25th June 2011

72.National Women Sliders Vs Daystar Uni 2.00 P.M *** City Park
73.Premier Men Western Jaguars Vs Parkroad 4.00 P.M [2-1] City Park
74.Premier Men Mvita Vs KCAU 4.00 P.M  [2-1] MSA

Sunday 26th June 2011

75. Premier Men Western Jaguars Vs Kenya Police 10.00 A.M [1-8] City Park
76. National  Men Parklands Vs JKUAT
MSC vs University of Nairobi
12.00 P.M [3-2]
10:00 AM [5-0]**
City Park
77. National women Orange Vs Strathmore 2.00 P.M [4-0] City Park
78. Premier Men Nrb Simba Vs USIU-a 4.00  P.M [0-0]** City Park

** Nairobi Simba vs USIU-A match was rained-off with 29 minutes left to play and at 0-0. KHU to give  a new date (Match is to be played on Juy 24th) 2011.
** MSC was awarded a walkover with 5 goals after UoN failed to show up in Mombasa for the match.
** Sliders vs Daystar University match was postponed as Daystar are currently out of session. KHU  is to give new dates

Saturday 2nd July 2011

79. National women USIU-A  Vs Mombasa Sports 2.00 P.M [1-0] City Park
80.Premier Men Mvita Vs USIU-A 4.00 P.M [2-3] City Park
81. Premier Men Western Jaguars Vs Greensharks 3.00  P.M [1-0] Kakamega

Sunday 3rd July 2011

82.National Women Vikings Vs Mombasa Sports 10.00  A.M [1-0] City Park
83.Premier Men Mvita Vs Nrb Simba 12.00 P.M [2-4] City Park
84.Premier Men Karate Vs Wazalendo 2.00 P.M [2-3] City Park
85. National Men Kimathi Uni Vs NYS 4.00 P.M [6-1] City Park
86.Premier Men Greensharks Vs Kisumu Simba 10.00 A.M [0-2] KSM





Saturday 16th July 2011

87 .National women USIU-A Vs Sliders 2.00 P.M [0-2] City Park
88.National  Men JKUAT Vs Kenya Polytechnic 4.00 P.M City Park
89.National Men MI V s UON 4.00 P.M** MI

** MI vs UoN was postponed

Sunday 17th July 2011

90.National women
Premier Men
Vikings Vs Daystar
Kisumu Simba vs Nairobi Simba
10.00 A.M**
10.00 A.M [2-2]
City Park
City Park
91.National Men Parklands Vs Multimedia 12.00 P.M[4-2] City Park
92.National Men Kimathi University Vs Daystar Uni 2.00 P.M [6-0] City park
93.National Men MSC Vs UON 4.00 P.M** MSC

** Vikings vs Daystar was cancelled. KHU to give guidance on matches involving Daystar.
** MSC vs UoN was postponed

SATURDAY 23rd July 2011

94.National Men MSC Vs JKUAT 2.00 P.M[3-2] City Park
95.National Men Nakuru Vs Kenya Navy 4.00 P.M[2-3] City Park
96.National Women Orange Vs Mombasa Sports 4.00 P.M[4-2] MSC

Sunday 24th July 2011

97.National women Strathmore Uni Vs Daystar Uni 10.00 A.M** City Park
98.National Men MSC Vs Nakuru 12.00 P.M[1-5] City park
99.National Men
Premier Men
Parklands Kimathi Uni Vs K. Navy
Nrb Simba Vs USIU-A
2.00 P.M[4-2]
5.00 PM [3-0]
City Park
City Park

** Strathmore Univ vs Daystar was cancelled. KHU to give guidance on matches involving Daystar.

Saturday 30th July 2011 (**KHU matches moved to 20th August)

* National Men NYS vs Parklands 4:00 P.M[0-5] City Park
102.National Men MI Vs Daystar Uni 4.00 P.M [6-0] MI



Sunday 31st July 2011


Saturday 6th August 2011

107.National men Kimathi UniversityVs MI 2.00 P.M[3-1] City Park
108.Premier men KCAU Vs Kisumu Simba 4.00P.M[2-2] City Park
109.National Women MSC Vs Sliders 3.00 P.M *** MSC

** MSC vs Sliders match was abandoned as MSC were attending the burial of one of their colleagues. KHU to give future dates for the match.

Sunday 7th August 2011

110.Premier men Kenya Police Vs Kisumu Simba 10.00  A.M[2-1] City Park
111.National Women Strathmore Vs USIU-A 4.00 P.M[2-1] City Park
112.Premier Men Mvita Vs Parkroad 11.00 A.M[1-0] MSA
113.National men
…… National men
Parklands Vs MI
Kenya Navy vs Multimedia
12.00 P.M[2-3]
2.00 P.M[3-2]
City park
City Park

Saturday 13th August 2011

114.National men Kimathi University Vs Kenya Navy 2.00P.M *** City Park
115.Premier men Strathmore Vs Nrb Simba 4.00P.M** City Park
116.Premier men Mvita Vs Karate 4.00P.M MSA

** * Kimathi University Vs Kenya Navy was played July 24th (see above)
Strathmore vs Nairobi Simba is to be played on Wednesday 17th August. The Saturday match was rained-off.

Sunday 14th August 2011

117. National women Mombasa Sports Vs Daystar 11.00 A.M MSC
118. National women Orange Vs Vikings 10.00 A.M[6-0] City Park
119.Premier men Greensharks Vs karate 12.00 P.M[1-0] City Park
120.National men JKUAT Parklands Vs Kenya Navy 2.00 P.M[1-6] City park
121.Premier Men Kenya Police Vs KCAU 4.00  P.M[5-1] City Park

Saturday 20th August 2011

100.Premier Men Mvita Vs Western Jaguars 2.00 P.M City park
101.Premier Men Kisumu Simba Vs Parkroad 4.00 P.M City Park

Sunday 21st August 2011

103.Premier men Kisumu Simba Vs Mvita 10.00A.M City Park
104.Premier men Western Jaguars Vs KCAU 12.00P.M City Park
105.National Men Parklands Vs NYS 2.00 P.M City Park
106.National Men Kenya Navy Vs Daystar Uni 10.00 A.M MI

Saturday 27th August 2011

122.National women Mombasa Sports Vs Orange 2.00 P.M City Park
123.Premier men Kenya Police Vs Parkroad 4.00P.M City Park
124.Premier Men Western Jaguars Vs Wazalendo 3.00 P.M Kakamega

Sunday 28th August 2011

125.Premier men Kisumu Simba Vs Wazalendo 10.00  P.M Kisumu
126.National Women Mombasa Sports Vs Strathmore 10.00 A.M City park
127.National men Kenya Polytechnic Vs NYS 12.00 P.M City Park
128.National men Kimathi Vs Parklands 2.00  P.M City Park

Saturday 3rd - 18th  September 2011


Saturday 24th_ 25th September 2011


Saturday 1st October 2011

129.National men MSC Vs Daystar Uni 2.00P.M City Park
130.Premier men USIU-A Vs Wazalendo 4.00P.M City Park
131. National women Mombasa Sports Vs USIU-A 4.00 P.M MSC

Sunday 2nd October 2011

132. National women Sliders Vs Vikings 10.00 A.M City Park
133.National men MSC Vs Multimedia 12.00 P.M City Park
134.National men UON Vs Kenya Poly 2.00 P.M City park

Saturday 8th October 2011

135.National  women Strathmore Vs Sliders 2.00 P.M City Park
136.Premier men USIU-A Vs Parkroad 4.00P.M City Park
137. National Men Kenya Navy Vs Multimedia 4.00 P.M MI

Sunday 9th October 2011

138.National Women Orange Vs Daystar Uni 10.00 A.M City park
139.National men JKUAT Vs NYS 12.00 P.M City Park
140.National men UON Vs Daystar Uni 2.00  P.M City Park
141.National men MI Vs Multimedia 4.00 P.M MI

Saturday 15th October 2011

142.National men UON Vs Kenya Navy 2.00P.M City Park
143.Premier men Greensharks Vs KCAU 4.00P.M City Park
144.National Men MSC Vs Parklands 4.00 P.M MSC

Sunday 16th October 2011

145. National women Sliders Vs Daystar 10.00 A.M City Park
146.National men Kenya Polytechnic Vs Kenya Navy 12.00 P.M City Park
147. National men JKUAT Vs Daystar Uni 2.00 P.M City park

Saturday 20th – 23rd October 2011


Saturday 29th October 2011

148.National men Parklands Vs Kenya Polytechnic 2.00P.M City Park
149.Premier men Nrb Simba Vs Karate 4.00P.M City Park
150.National Women Mombasa Sports Vs Vikings 3.00 P.M MSC

Sunday 30th October 2011

151.National Women USIU-A  Vs Daystar 10.00 P.M City Park
152. National Women Orange Vs Strathmore 12.00 A.M City Park
153. National men Kimathi University Vs UON 2.00 P.M City park
154. Premier men Kenya Police Vs Wazalendo 4.00  P.M City Park
155.National Men NYS Vs Nakuru 12.00P.M Nakuru

Saturday 5th November 2011

156.National Women Strathmore Vs Vikings 2.00 P.M City Park
157.Premier Men Karate Vs Western Jaguars 4.00P.M City Park
158.National Men Kimathi University Vs Nakuru 2.00 P.M Nakuru

Sunday 6th November 2011

159.Premier Men Strathmore Vs Western Jaguars 10.00 A.M City Park
160.National Women USIU-A Vs Sliders 12.00 P.M City park
161.National Men UON Vs Multimedia 2.00  P.M City Park
162.National Men Kenya Polytechnic Vs Nakuru 4.00 P.M Nakuru

Saturday 12th November 2011

163. Premier Men Strathmore Vs USIU-A 2.00P.M City Park
164. Premier Men Kenya Police Vs Nairobi Simba 4.00P.M City Park
165. National Men Kimathi University Vs MSC 4.00 P.M MSC

Sunday 13th November 2011

166.National Women Vikings Vs Daystar Uni 10.00 A.M City Park
167. National Men JKUAT Vs MI 12.00 P.M MI
168. National Men MSC Vs Kenya Polytechnic 4.00  P.M MSC

Saturday 19th November 2011

169.National Women Sliders Vis Orange 2.00 P.M City Park
170.National Men Daystar Uni Vs Nakuru 4.00P.M Nakuru
171.National Men MI  Vs NYS 4.00 P.M MI

Sunday 20th November 2011

172.National Women Strathmore Uni Vs Daystar Uni 10.00 A.M City Park
173.National Women Vikings Vs USIU-A 12.00 P.M City park
174.National Men MSC Vs NYS 10.00 A.M City Park

Saturday 26th November 2011



TOURNAMENT             JAMHURI CUP                                KISUMU

7 Responses to KHU 2011 League Fixtures (Complete)

  1. Zoro says:

    This is commendable, now clubs can plan and strategyze. On the other hand I feel the very clubs are being short changed by the union-playing on a ‘one-leg basis’ for a whole year!Before the season kicked off, the Union backed the one-leg format on the basis that they want to create more time for the national teams to train and prepare for the international assignments. But from this fixtures I see nothing created with regards to time for the national teams!

  2. Michael says:

    so the fixture has been released, congrats to that, i cant help but notice how some teams have busy schedules for particular periods and then go for long breaks then comeback to play again.consistency in performance can only be achieved if the games are spread out equally.

  3. George Otieno says:

    This is good.l feel Daystar University should play two games in MSA once rather than play in July and August. More Matches should have gone to Nakuru,Kisumu,Kakamega to promote up-country teams.National teams must have games against clubs on Sunday for Coaches to pick the best “A” and “B”squad for Kenya as feeder or competative team and they should also be given chance to play in Kisumu,Msa and Nakuru against provincial sides.

  4. Josphat Minja says:

    This is so encouraging. Kudos for the good work. Teams can now be able to strategise and also keep posted on other team’s progress.

  5. Sos says:

    This is really good……theres room for improvement though.KUDOS.

  6. Limo says:

    this translates to an avarage of one competitive game per month, save for those random tournaments. to compete with the rest of the hockey world, someone at KHU needs to think out of the box

  7. says:

    Great rendition n quite comendable..As a keen follower of hockey, anm now having a blast

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