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One-leg league format to be retained by KHU

Kenya Police's captain Moses Cheplait attempts to dribble past Strathmore's Maxwel Fuchaka during a previous encounter

A Kenya Hockey Union (KHU) policy that advocates for regional balance has been invoked to enable Western Kenya’s only representative to the mens premier league, Western Jaguars, survive relegation to the lower cadre national league.

The Jaguars finished in the relegation zone in their first appearance in the senior league.

Nashon Randiek of the KHU secretary generals office confirmed that the mens premier league will have 12 teams after Jaguars are retained and Karate Axiom are promoted. The league will however be on a one-leg format to allow ample time for the national team to prepare for the All Africa Games and the Olympic qualifiers.

A section of teams have expressed dissatisfaction with the one-leg format arguing it denies players time on the pitch. This is compounded by KHU *controlling tournaments in the country by cutting down the number of tournaments to less than two-thirds of 2008-2009 tournaments.

2010 saw the country’s clubs participate in less than 5 tournaments.

6 to “One-leg league format to be retained by KHU”

  1. JAPAN SHETH says:

    When will our Union officials grow up and make the game interesting? One leg format and there is floodlight? National teams preparation should have started 2009. We are being short sighted as far as our preparations are concerned. i wish teams to reject this

  2. Dorris says:

    1 way leg again…………..

  3. Vince says:

    Hello All,
    Just some advise to the KHU officials in their endeavour to run the sport effectively:
    1. Great decision to retain Western Jaguars
    2.One-leg format is an unfavourable decision.
    3.Reducing the number of tournaments organized by clubs is uncalled for since it is the source of revenue for many of them(Clubs) given that they are ’self-supporting’.
    4.Lets explore ways of introducing Prize-money,semi-professional, Gym trainning & televising matches (internet).
    5.Involve the KSSSA(Schools) & KUSA (Univs) in the running of the sport so as to maximize their vast resources & infrastructure in developing Junior Teams.
    6.All the best in 2011.God bless you!

  4. says:

    Happy New year to you all. I second Vince in all the Issues Mentioned.

  5. Hillary says:

    Just to correct a perception going on in kenya hockey circles:

    KHU has not banned tournaments. It is controlling the amount and regularity of tournaments. This is important and is a practice that is done world over, by many associations including the English Premier League. It ensures that the players get enough rest and that league matches do not clash with tournaments and national assignments.

    I am sure that if a team applies to host a tournament, KHU will advice accordingly. Nairobi Simba hosted their tournament last year as did the Vaisakhi one.

    Just notify KHU in time and stop whining. I recall the jamhuri cup backfired because KHU was not properly consulted by the organizing team.

    Most importantly, lets also pressurize our team managers and coaches to put their planning in order instead of crying foul over KHU all the time.

  6. Zoro says:

    Very true Hillary, but for your the case of KHU its more than just consultation.Its important to know that almost all the clubs are self sponsored and they depend on these tournaments as a means of raising funds.In the past, one hockey calender had many tournaments, so what happened last year-the organizers were unable to consult with the union on time and it was only Simba who were able to consult and given the green light?I think something is a miss here.

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