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Hosea : The making of a solid defender

Hosea Wesonga during a training session at City Park, Nairobi.

Strathmore University successfully defended the KHU mens premier league title, wadding off stiff competition from two-time runner-up Kenya Police.

The youthful team proves that when given support and a chance, the youth can positively influence sports through their passion, energy and ideas.

Orange Ladies & national team goalkeeper Josephine Ataro during a training session.

KHU womens national league and continental club champions Orange have been nominated as a contender for the best ladies team title in the 2010 edition of the Sports Personality of the Year Awards (SOYA).

This comes in the back drop of a great run for the Orange ladies in the just concluded KHU 2010 hockey season. The ladies won an unprecedented 11th consecutive title with a 100% loss-less run all season.

The awards is to be held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) on December 10, two days after the team departs to Accra, Ghana to represent Kenya and defend their title in the Africa Hockey Club Championships.

Strathmore University is to represent the country in the mens competition.

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Breaking News: Strathmore confirmed as KHU champions

Strathmore player Fred Oracha lifts a trophy during a past tournament. Strathmore have been confirmed the 2010 kenya hockey champions after a failed appeal by the Kenya Police.

The Kenya Hockey Union 2010 season mens champions are Strathmore University. This brings to an end a week of anxiety in hockey circles.

Police end the season with 20 points while Strathmore top the league with 23 points.

The two teams had earlier tied on all counts with 23 points, 23 goals for and 8 goals against.

Kenya Police has protested against the Strathmore vs Green Sharks match, where Strathmore had fielded Maxwell W. and Frank Wanagwe  yet they were on yellow cards. The match ended 2 -1 in favor of Strathmore. Strathmore have therefore been denied the three points and Green Sharks awarded 5 goals and 3 points.

This brought down Strathmores points tally to 20 and ‘goals for’ tally to 18.

Police also protested against the Kenya Police vs Green Sharks match, where the Sharks had fielded 2 players on yellow cards. Police had won the match 1 – 0. Police were therefore awarded 5 goals and the Sharks deducted 5 goals.

This brought K.Police ‘goals for’ tally to 28, while their points tally remained at 23.

Strathmore however had one logic up their sleeve that apparenlty settled the whole case. Their Secret weapon.

With Police at 23 points and 28 goals and Strathmore at 20 points and 18 goals;  Strathmore produced evidence that proved that Kenya Police had fielded a player, ‘Vini’, while he was on 2 yellow cards. This was during the Strathmore vs Kenya Police match. Kenya Police had won the match 1 – 0.

The result? Strathmore were awarded 3 points and 5 goals giving them a tally of 23 points and 23 goals. While Police were stripped off 3 points, giving them a tally of 20 points.

Strathmore are therefore the 2010 KHU league champions.

Irony is that Nairobi Simba have a chance of geting the second spot and pushing police to number 3. Nairobi Simba are on 18 points with a game in hand. Should Simba win its match on Sunday, they will get 21 points against Police’s 20 points.

KHU Press Release on disputed men’s league winners

November 4, 2010


The Kenya Hockey Union hsa urgently constituted a six member sub-committee to resolve the dispute sorrounding the winners of this year’smens hockey premiership. According to the chairman of the union Resham Singh Bains, the sub-committee will be chaired by the treasurer of the Kenya National Sports Council Mr. Charles Nyaberi.

Teddy Jhite who is the Kenya Hockey Umpires Association will serve as Secretary of the sub-committee.

Other members include James Chacha Assistant Secretary General National Olympic Committee of Kenya, Elynah Shiveka Vice Chairperson KHU,Jane Nyamogo match secretary and David Ngugi member KNSC (Kenya National Sports Council).

The sub-committees mandate is to ensure that the bone of contention is handled in a proffessionaland fair manner to the satisfaction of the parties concerned.

The sub-committee is sitting on Saturday 6/11/2010 at 10:00 am at the City Park hockey stadium to deliberate on the matter and come up with a solution.

It is only after the meeting and the findings that this year’s men’s premier league champions will be announced officially.

Defending champions Strathmore University and former champions Kenya Police each are claiming to be the title winners.

Meanwhile the chairman of the Union Mr. Resham Singh Bains and the vice chairperson Elynah Shiveka leave the country over the weekend to Montreux, Switerland to attend committee meetings and the FIH congress. Mr.Resham sits on the FIH Umpiring commiittee while Mrs. Shiveka serves on the Communications and IT committee.

Resham S. Bains
Chairman – Kenya Hockey Union

[download the press release]

Kenya Hockey Union Press release on disputed 2010 men's league championship

Arms out as Kenya Police fight for survival

Kenya Police captain with a trophy from an earlier tournament.

The Kenya Hockey Union is on the spot for all the wrong reasons even as a completely new set of ‘final’ league table stabdings for the mens premier league with new score lines have been published.

What appeared on the surface as an innocent protest by the Kenya Police after defending champions Strathmore won their deciding match against KCA-University by 4 goals to nothing on Sunday evening is turning out to be a full-scale do-or-die affair; especially with word out that the Police team had been instructed to either win the league this season of be dissolved.

Controversy sorrounds a match apparently played  in Kakamega over 4 weeks ago involving Strathmore against Western Jaguars. The official score line as reported then was 6 – 1 in favor of Strathmore. This was the scoreline used to compute the table standings untill Strathmore won their last match by 4 – 0 to give them a 1 goal advantage over Kenya Police.

This win was the beginging of the University side’s nightmare. A KHU referee, publicly known to be a Kenya Police affilliate and himself an active Kenya Police Officer has now come out to confess that the match between Strathmore and Western Jaguars had no signed match sheet and that the score line (6-1) that he reported 4 weeks ago was an error on his part.

The referee insists the correct scoreline is 5 -1. On Monday evening (1/11/10) , KHU recomputed the tables with the corrections made after Strathmore played its last game on Sunday evening. These are the new and final league table standings. The new standings make Kenya Police and Strathmore tie on all statistics.

Kenya Police also want the outcome of the game between Strathmore and Green Sharks nullified in Green Sharks favour. They claim Strathmore fielded two players – Maxwell Wakhungu and Frank Wanangwe – who had two yellow cards. Strathmore won 2-1.

In addition, the Kenya Police want to be awarded 5 extra goals from their match against Green Sharks, which they won 1-0. The Police men claim the Sharks fielded two players – Godffrey Nyangaga and Edwin Otieno – carrying yellow cards. Should Police prevail, they will get a 5-0 win.

Both matches were played over 1 month ago.

Strathmore has remained tight lipped on the matter, only saying that “The buck stops at the KHU doorstep since we all play to the statistics from the union,”. These statistics have been altered since then.

What do you think of this sceneraio? We’d like to know your opinion.