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An open letter to the Kenya Hockey Umpires Association

Kenya hockey umpires Association


l hope you are very concerned with the latest development of the players who are playing in the Premier league umpiring matches of National league. All or most of these players are coaches or managers of some clubs in the same league.

As much as we require more umpires for hockey in this country ,the hockey union must encourage Players,umpires,coaches,teams and supporters each to play its role to develop hockey as team sport in the country.

During one of the hockey matches at city Park,l heard one of the umpires criticizing another outside in dispute of a foul in the pitch,to make the matters worse the umpire in the pitch was a Player and Coach of certain team.What come in to my mind was suppose both were playing for different teams and another Player umpiring on foul of both player who are umpires,where do we leave others.

l do not have a solution to this problem but l believe KHU or Umpire Association must separate their roles in Hockey management.We can sacrifice but times are getting tough economically making less umpires and less clubs.

We must find a way of rewarding the few qualified umpires to strengthen the Umpires Association.


Author: George jalango

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